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One Stop Tool Access
Click the "Print My list" to all of the sales in your list.

More tools are coming to this area very soon.
Enought tools, that we thought we would give it it's own space.
Sales Per Page
This slider allows you to increase or decrease the number
of sales shown per page in your shopping list.

NOTE: Increasing the amount of sales per page
will also increase loading times, time to save to list etc.
Stores Filter
This box shows stores that you have included in your search.
If you are making a list using multiple stores, you can remove
some of the stores listed by un-checking the box next to it.

Filters decrease the time to make a shopping list!
Categories Filter
Lets say there are categories that I don't shop like Baby Products,
or Pops&Chips. I simply un-check the box for those categories.
Those products are then filtered from my list making it easier and faster
for me to create my list.
The cool thing...
We will not show you these categories by default next time.
Shopping List
When you add items to your shopping list, they are removed from
the sales list and placed in this box. You can print each
store's list individually by clicking "Print Only" by that store's name.
Here you can remove items should you change your mind on something as well.
Printable Coupon List
When printable coupons are selected, they are shown here.
# % Sales % Being # Just a second while we add to your shopping list. Get that out of there! About 20 is perfect.
Too many sales on a page
will slow you down...
Bring on the Sales! Set it up how you like it!