Cheesemaking (or caseiculture) is the craft of making cheese. The production of cheese, like many other food preservation processes, allows the nutritional and economic value of a food material, in this case milk, to be preserved in concentrated form. Cheesemaking allows the production of the cheese with diverse flavors and consistencies.

The goal of cheese making is to control the spoiling of milk into cheese. The milk is traditionally from a cow, goat, sheep or buffalo, although, in theory, cheese could be made from the milk of any mammal. Cow’s milk is most commonly used worldwide. The cheesemaker’s goal is a consistent product with specific characteristics (appearance, aroma, taste, texture). The process used to make a Camembert will be similar to, but not quite the same as, that used to make Cheddar.

Some cheeses may be deliberately left to ferment from naturally airborne spores and bacteria; this approach generally leads to a less consistent product but one that is valuable in a niche market.

Information and Image from Wikipedia