Red Robin is known for its affordable, juicy burgers and towering onion rings, and now the Colorado-based casual dining chain is giving you even more bang for your buck with its new $10 Gourmet Meal Deal. The meal deal, which will be rolled out at Red Robin’s hundreds of locations across the country over the next few weeks, includes a gourmet burger, bottomless Steak Fries, a non-alcoholic beverage, and a choice of side salad or soup. (This Gourmet meal is an example and not verified.) With this deal, you can enjoy a delicious, filling meal without breaking the bank.

Since the pandemic began, the chain has been offering a limited-time menu with seasonal items. Some of these items include a Smokehouse Briskey Burger, Whiskey River Backyard BBQ menu, a Pineapple Upside-Down Cake Milkshake, and a Tequila Sunset Cocktail. While the limited-time offerings are more expensive than the $10 gourmet value meal, they offer customers more choices. The chain also continues to offer the Red Robin Royalty program, a loyalty program that drives return customers and currently boasts 10.6 million members. It’s all part of the chain’s strategy to attract more money-conscious customers with deals, value, and a streamlined menu. When the pandemic began, the chain cut 55 items (one-third of the menu) in order to streamline operations. However, they continue to offer a variety of choices with their limited-time menus. This allows customers to try new items while still getting their favorite burgers and fries.

So next time you’re looking for a great value on a tasty meal, be sure to check out Red Robin whether it’s a Gourmet meal deal for $10 or try a seasonal meal!