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Just in time for Valentine’s Day!

Kraft launches candy Kraft Mac and Cheese for Sweethearts to Celebrate With Their Better Half This Valentine’s Day.

Forget heart-shaped chocolate and bouquets of overpriced roses. Celebrate this Valentine’s Day with a classic – Kraft Mac & Cheese.
One of the all-time most fabulous comfort foods, macaroni, and cheese, is getting a tasty Valentine’s Day twist.
The Kraft Heinz Company is giving away 1,000 boxes of pink Candy Kraft Mac & Cheese to celebrate Cupid’s big day.
Giveaway winners will receive a box of the classic macaroni and cheese along with a candy flavor packet that turns the traditional orange dish pink and adds a hint of sweet flavor, Kraft said.
Winners will receive their prize in time for Valentine’s Day so that you can enjoy it with a side of champagne, chocolate, or candy hearts.

Whether you’re lucky in love or celebrating solo, you can enter to win the pink mac & cheese at Kraft’s website through February 8.


Enter online at

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