Here is the secret to a perfect baked potato everytime…

Grandma didn’t have any of these newfangled devices. She just did a lot of cooking on her stove and in her oven. And living through the Great Depression they didn’t throw anything away. Nothing!

So when Grandma cooked bacon (off the farm), she would save the grease that remained in the pan into a little cup and kept it on the back of the stove. That way it was handy to use whenever, you know, a little bacon grease was needed.

Grandma’s Perfect Baked Potato

My grandparents lived in Shelley, Idaho, in my opinion the capital city for Russet potatoes. Potatoes were a main-stay with them and my family. We have eaten a “spud” in every possible way. I love spuds!

So here’s how Grandma made her perfect baked potatoes. It never fails.

Scrub the potato with a brush and remove all of the dirt and some of the skin. Dip your fingers into that bacon grease, rub all over the outside of the potato. Spread on a medium rack in the oven. Bake at 400 deg for 45-60 minutes or until done depending on the size of the potatoes. 

When done, slice the potato in half lengthwise, squish, add butter and sour cream, salt and pepper, and there you have a perfect baked potato.  Then add whatever toppings you desire.