Blueberry pie is a pie with a blueberry filling. Blueberry pie is readily made because it does not require pitting or peeling of fruit. It usually has a top and bottom crust. The top crust can be circular, but the pie can also have a crumble crust or no top crust. Blueberry pies are often eaten in the summertime when blueberries are in season in the Northern hemisphere.

Blueberries, both wild (‘lowbush’) and cultivated (‘highbush’), are native to North America. Blueberry pie was first eaten by early American settlers and later the food spread to the rest of the world. Similar desserts are prepared in Europe with bilberries. It remains a popular dessert in the United States and Canada. Blueberry pie made with wild Maine blueberries is the official state dessert of the U.S. state of Maine.