Rhubarb loves to be paired with strawberries, and in a pie, they’re BFFs. The tartness of the rhubarb just intensifies the sweet flavor of the strawberries. The overall flavor isn’t overly sweet or overly tart; it’s just right.

If possible, buy rhubarb in season—usually April through June—at the farmers market, where it should be just picked and at its peak. Whether you’re at the farmers market or at the grocery store, look for stalks that are firm, not flabby or rubbery, without blemishes. If the stalks still have their leaves, cut them off and discard them. Do not eat the leaves, which are poisonous.

While fresh strawberries are always available out of season, fresh rhubarb rarely is. If you’re making this pie with out of rhubarb season, you’ll probably need to buy frozen rhubarb.

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