National Sausage Day is a holiday that celebrates one of America’s favorite foods!

A sausage is a type of meat product usually made from ground meat—often pork, beef, or poultry—along with salt, spices and other flavorings. Other ingredients, such as grains or breadcrumbs may be included as fillers or extenders.

A plate of bratwurst, sauerkraut and mashed potatoes, served along with a glass of beer

Typically, a sausage is formed in a casing traditionally made from intestine, but sometimes from synthetic materials. Sausages that are sold raw are cooked in many ways, including pan-frying, broiling and barbecuing. Some sausages are cooked during processing, and the casing may then be removed.

Sausage-making is a traditional food preservation technique. Sausages may be preserved by curing, drying (often in association with fermentation or culturing, which can contribute to preservation), smoking, or freezing. Some cured or smoked sausages can be stored without refrigeration. Most fresh sausages must be refrigerated or frozen until they are cooked.

Sausages are made in a wide range of national and regional varieties, which differ by the types of meats that are used, the flavoring or spicing ingredients (garlic, peppers, wine, etc.), and the manner of preparation. In the 21st century, vegetarian and vegan varieties of sausage which completely substitute plant-based ingredients for meat have become much more widely available and consumed.

Sausage is a versatile food that can be enjoyed in so many different ways. On National Sausage Day, try something new and experiment with different recipes. grilled, baked, or even fried, there’s no wrong way to enjoy sausage! Serve it up with your favorite sides and enjoy a delicious meal.

National Sausage Day is the perfect excuse to get together with friends and family and enjoy some good food. So gather your loved ones and celebrate with some delicious sausage!

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