Animal crackers are a type of biscuit-like cookie designed to look like an animal, usually a farm animal such as a cow, horse, sheep or pig. They often come in small boxes and can be used for snacking or baking purposes. Here are some fun ways to use animal crackers:

  • Make animal cracker paintings – have paint and brushes set out with different colors, then create your own miniature works of art using the animal shaped cookies!
  • Prepare a scavenger hunt – hide the cookies around your house or yard and have your friends help you find them!
  • Create DIY art projects – use glue and glitter to turn the animals into jewelry or decorations.
  • Use the cookies in lunch boxes – kids love them as an added surprise in their lunch bag.
  • Make a ‘farm’ out of them -use animal crackers to create your own pretend farm and have fun acting out different scenarios.
  • Use them to decorate cupcakes – arrange the animal shapes on top of cupcake frosting to create an adorable and tasty treat.
  • Have ‘animal cookie races’ – draw lines on the ground and have each person pick an animal cracker, then see who can get their cookie to the finish line first!
  • Create a game out of them – for example, pick two animals and assign points for matching pairs, like a memory game but with cookies!