A bagel is a ring-shaped bread product characterized by its dense and chewy interior and a slightly crisp outer crust. Traditionally, bagels are made from yeasted dough, which is first boiled in water and then baked, resulting in a unique texture and taste.

Bagels typically have a central hole, making them easy to hold or thread onto a string. They come in various flavors and varieties, with popular options including plain, sesame seed, poppy seed, onion, garlic, everything (a mix of various toppings), cinnamon raisin, and more.

The dough used for making bagels usually contains flour, water, yeast, salt, and often a touch of sweetener like malt syrup or sugar. After forming the dough into its characteristic ring shape, it is briefly boiled in water before being baked in an oven, which gives it a chewy interior and a shiny, slightly crispy crust.Bagels are commonly enjoyed sliced and toasted, often with toppings like cream cheese, butter, jam, smoked salmon, deli meats, or various spreads. They’re a popular breakfast or snack item in many cultures, particularly in North America, where they’re widely available in bakeries, cafes, and grocery stores.

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