Whipped cream is a light, fluffy topping made from heavy cream that has been whipped by incorporating air into it. The process of whipping introduces air bubbles into the cream, causing it to expand and increase in volume. This gives whipped cream its characteristic airy texture and lightness.Typically, whipped cream is made by using heavy cream (also known as heavy whipping cream) with added sugar and sometimes vanilla extract for flavoring.

The cream is whipped using a whisk, electric mixer, or a specialized tool such as a stand mixer or a hand-held mixer until it reaches the desired consistency—soft peaks or stiff peaks—depending on its intended use.Whipped cream is commonly used as a topping for desserts like pies, cakes, fruit, hot chocolate, ice cream, and various other sweet treats. It can also be used as a component in recipes to add lightness and creaminess to dishes.

Image from Joy Food Sunshine