Boston cream pie is a classic American dessert that is actually a cake, despite its name. It consists of two layers of sponge cake filled with a creamy custard or pastry cream, and it is typically topped with a glossy chocolate glaze. Despite its name, Boston cream pie is not a pie at all, but rather a cake.The traditional recipe for Boston cream pie includes a yellow butter cake or sponge cake base, which is split into two layers. The layers are filled with a rich and smooth vanilla custard or pastry cream, which adds a creamy texture and flavor to the dessert. The entire cake is then coated with a layer of chocolate ganache, which gives it a glossy finish and adds a delightful chocolatey taste.Boston cream pie is a beloved dessert in the United States, and it has become a classic choice for many occasions, including birthdays and special gatherings. Its combination of moist cake, creamy filling, and decadent chocolate glaze makes it a popular choice among dessert lovers.

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