A Chinese almond cookie is a type of biscuit that is popular in China and other parts of Asia, as well as in Chinese communities around the world. These cookies are known for their round shape, slightly crumbly texture, and the single almond or almond slice placed in the center of each cookie. They are often flavored with almond extract, which gives them a distinctive, sweet almond taste.

The dough typically includes ingredients such as flour, sugar, butter (or lard, in traditional recipes), and sometimes almond flour or ground almonds, which enhance the almond flavor. Baking powder is added as a leavening agent to give the cookies a slight lift and tender texture.Chinese almond cookies are commonly made to celebrate Chinese New Year and other festive occasions, but they are also enjoyed year-round as a tasty snack or dessert. Their simplicity, combined with the rich almond flavor, makes them a beloved treat among people of all ages.

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