A praline is a type of confectionery that varies in form and ingredients depending on the region. Here are the main variations:

  1. French Praline:
    • Made from almonds and caramelized sugar.
    • Sometimes ground into a powder or paste, used as a filling or ingredient in other desserts.
  2. American Praline:
    • Originated in the Southern United States, particularly Louisiana.
    • Made with sugar, butter, cream, and pecans.
    • The result is a creamy, fudge-like candy with whole or chopped pecans.
  3. Belgian Praline:
    • Also known as Belgian chocolates.
    • A chocolate shell filled with a variety of fillings such as nuts, creams, liqueurs, or other sweet pastes.

These confections are beloved in their respective regions and have unique textures and flavors.

Image from Wikipedia