The Fig Newton is a classic snack that has been enjoyed since the late 1800s. The sweet treat, originally called the “Fig Roll,” was created by Philadelphia-based baker Charles Roser and was first sold in 1891. The pastry is made with a soft, spongy cake filled with fig jam. It’s believed that the name “Fig Newton” was inspired by Isaac Newton, who was famous for his studies of gravity, as well as by the Newton Pippin apple variety he cultivated at his home in England. The Fig Newton is now a much-loved cookie around the world and is still made using Roser’s original recipe!

Charles Roser’s original Fig Newton recipe is made with simple ingredients like all-purpose flour, vegetable oil, sugar, and fig paste. The dough is mixed together to form a soft, spongy base which is then filled with the fig paste and baked in an oven to give it that classic taste and texture. Enjoy!

Image from Wikimedia