What is it? Literally “coffee with milk”, café au lait is a drink made of coffee and scalded milk in a ratio of 1:1. It is the staple coffee drink of French Louisiana and is often served in bowls in other places.

5 Tbs coffee grounds
OR: cold coffee concentrate
4 Cups Milk

Prepare four cups of coffee in your preferred manner – drip, boil, seep, etc. If you are using coffee concentrate, add enough hot water to reach four cups of coffee.
At the same time, heat the milk over low to medium heat until scalded.
Pour equal amounts of coffee and scalded milk into bowls or cups.

VARIATION: Steamed milk can be substituted for scalded milk.
The milk can be heated in the cups by half-filling each cup with milk and microwaving briefly. A 1,000W microwave oven will heat one half-cup of milk in 50 seconds, two in 60 seconds.