National Wine Day Plus Several Other Wine Days to Prepare to Celebrate in 2022

The creator of this day wants to remain anonymous. But it is thought to have been created by some ladies in 2009 that were celebrating enjoying fine wine and relaxing, this deserved a National Holiday.

We’re sure glad someone considered the pleasure of a good wine special enough to create a day of celebrating. Enjoy some wines today!

20 National & International Wine Days to Note in 2022

February 16th – International Syrah Day
February 18th – Global Drink Wine Day
March 3rd – National Mulled Wine Day
March 13th – International Riesling Day
April 17th – International Malbec Day
May 6th – International Sauvignon Blanc Day
May 9th – National Moscato Day

May 26th – Chardonnay Day

May 25th – National Wine Day

June 11th – National Rosé Day

June 18th – Drink Chenin Blanc Day

August 18th – Pinot Noir Day

September 1st – Cabernet Day