A peanut cluster typically refers to a confectionery treat composed of peanuts that are enrobed or clustered together with a binding ingredient, often chocolate. The process begins with roasted peanuts, which are chosen for their crunchy texture and nutty flavor. These peanuts are then grouped together in small clusters. The binding agent, commonly milk, dark, or white chocolate, is melted and poured over the peanuts, ensuring each nut is coated and adhered to the others in the cluster.

As the chocolate cools and solidifies, it holds the peanuts together in a compact form.The result is a delightful mix of textures and flavors, combining the smooth or creamy texture of the chocolate with the crunchy, slightly salty taste of the peanuts. Peanut clusters can vary in size, from small, bite-sized pieces to larger chunks, and they are popular as a snack or a sweet treat. Other variations might include the addition of caramel, sea salt, or different types of chocolate for a complex flavor profile. This treat is appreciated for its simple yet satisfying combination of ingredients, offering a balance of sweet and salty tastes.

Image from WYSE